5"-7" FR

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FE168e∑ really wants to be in a horn.

For a box of 7-14 litres, i would suggest (from my real-world experience), Mark Audio Alpair 7.3/7ms/10.3/10p/11ms, Pluvia7/7HD/11, Fostex FF165wk. I could ikely list a few that i have had less experience with but i’d have to think about it.

I am sure that others have had positive experiences with other drivers, the field is large.

I did put a Mark Audio Alpair 10M gen 3 in an 11,5L enclosure, and that works very well untill 50Hz on it's own. I use it with a 10" sealed sub mostly (see pic), but it has been used as bookshelf also when i was working on the sub. And for most music (the ones without a deep bass) this was good enough.


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at first I thought you have vertical turntable (project makes some), then I realized its a reflection :)

Lol, yes it’s a reflection due to the bright ledlamp i use to light my turntable and the mint turntablecover of the technics. It’s actually handy, because like that i can see the needle and it’s position from the chair i’m sitting in to listen to music...
That is how i simulated it in winisd, and the box looks like this (see picture). It's the top of my actual system working toghetter with a 10" woofer in a 77L sealed cab and a 1st order serial crossover at 250Hz with notches an zorbel.

But i've used it on it's own, and did build it for somebody who uses it without sub, and it's a very nice bookshelf on it's own.

I made it with the BBC principle of a thin wall mass damped cabinet, so it's 12mm birch ply, except the front and the back wich are 18mm. The 12mm is damped with 4mm bitumen on the inside, and the case is as much as possible filled with polyfil (but not pushed). I have no drawing, only a cut sheet pdf in dutch as i'm a flemish speaking Belgian. It's made for the guy who cut my wood, i don't have the tools for that. I attached it, but you will have to puzzle it yourself, and you need to know that i made an inner frame (the 30mm pieces) if you use that (at your own risk).


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