5.1 channel lineup which is best


2016-02-25 9:01 am
Looking to buy a 5.1 board for some pc action. Hard to find any post or reviews on 5.1 channel amps so I'll start one here are some I have found:

TPA3116 5.1 Channel (50w x 5) + (100w x1) - $47

TPA3116 5.1 Channel board (50w x 6) - $38

YJ dual 24vac 5.1 Channel (50w x 5) + (160w x 1) - $71

TDA7498E 5.1 Channel (160w + 160w) - $53

I am a complete noob here and would love to hear from people if they have any knowledge of these boards. Some noob questions:

Where are the potentiometers on some of these boards?
Where are the inputs on the TDA7498E?