4x3886 chassis overkill


Its not the worlds smallest, but those chips won't get hot. I know I went completely overkill on the chassis but I like it. I have a 650 VA torroid to slide into her and later on down the line i plan on designing a pair of monitors that will be actively crossed which will be housed i side the chassis so i will need some of the space.

Oh and I am using Brian's PCB and kits.


2004-03-17 9:43 am
Looks good...

I guess that you didn't see the U shaped aluminium sections in the same area..? Would have increased the finned area some-what.

Just remember to use heatsink compound under each fin, very sparingly, and youll be set for a multiple parallel chip output (or a bridgeclone, or an X-clone or,or,or Damn, too many choices)


Have fun