4th order bandpass 4 way

Hi there everyone,
I'd class myself as new to this stuff, even though I put my first kit together in 1974! Most of the time I'd be guessing or using stuff supplied in kits, and getting average results.
But this time I think I know what I want?
I did some modelling with some reasonable (ie not too expensive) 8" woofers, and have decided on a twin 8" woofer full range. One of the woofers will be in a sealed enclosure, the second will be 4th order bandpass. It looks good on paper, but I don't know how the speaker wiring will effect things. I can use 4 ohm or 8 ohm drivers. I want the speakers to be passive, so how should I configure the 2 woofers to operate from one crossover. Or is that not possible? Anyone out there done this?
umm, the conventional answer to this is that it's probably not a good idea to run 2 full range drivers together because of comb filtering at high freqs.
Because the boxes you propose will give different efficiencies, perhaps you could run 1x 4 ohm in the sealed box, and 1x 8 ohm in the BR box?
If you run them like this as a '1.5' xover system it should work.
What are the speakers, and do you have their parameters?
I probably confused you by putting the words "full range" in there . My mistake. The speaker will be using a Vifa 5" midrange and a ribbon tweeter and will be a 3 way sortof. The 8" woofers I proposed to use are J Car Response (CW2136)
I want to use a conventional 12db 3 way crossover and run both woofers from that. So really its a 3 way enclosed speaker with a 4th order bandpass sub stuck on the bottom.
So back to the original question. What would be the best way to drive both woofers, or more specifically, will running them in parallel of the one cossover work?