+&- 45VDC from 12-15VDC @25A output

I've never built or even looked at DC-DC converters, A lot of audio circuits though.

25A !!!! there are a number of commercial products [google is your friend].

Several of the major IC companies make dc-to-dc boost chips - several have 'interactive' design guides on their website

It is not hard for low current [say <2A] boosters - both using discrete and IC approaches [again, google is your friend!]
AH No ones figured it out yet?

Want to build multi channel amp for the car. fedup of cheap car amps and thought about running some Quad 405 channels or build my own. I guess I could use one dc-dc per channel. I ultimatly want to use 15 channels of amplification. but would start with 4 then to 6 then to 12 and possibly upto 15. so thought one or two large supplies would be better but sounds as though it might be easier to make them full monoblocks with PSU for each.
Sorry Chaps consider wrists Slapped

TBH Didn't think it really matters what the device is at the end of the supply. I've always treated psu and device as 2 things so appologies if its made things difficult. I guess its quite a differant thing having a sustained load vs a dynamic. However I would really like to have something that will cope. I'm just fedup of colapsing voltage rails due to under specification. On the flip side Having not worked with switchmode before a heavily dynamic load could casue simmilar issues?

Not really up for class D on the amp stage. I dont know maybe but I have been running a 405 in the boot with an inverter to mains and been very happy so thats making me want to go along the lines of build proper psu and go from there.
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