41Hz AMP2 upgrade... What parts to upgrade?

I'm looking on the 41Hz website, and under AMP2 they show different configurations that you can do with this amp to achieve different power levels. However for 2x600watt they say it will need to have some parts upgraded to support this, and to refer to their forum for the upgrades. Well I dont see a thread stating what needs to upgraded. Has anyone tried this upgrade? And what needs to be changed to allow for the 2x600watt (besides more voltage)?

You don't have to change anything, ok you do, overcurrent protection. Voltage is already set to work up to +/-65v, I have just put 12k for R111 and R211, to set overcurrent to 22A.Maybe increase dead time to max if you use it with sub.

What you should do in make litz wire like you get with kit, but with more wires in ||. Those inductors will heat up...Use fan, if you can, which would be over TK2350, cooling it + both inductors

BTW this amp is 400wRMS per channel, those 600w is probably music/dynamic sound.