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400VA R-Core 15-0-15

I am going to be buying some 400VA 15-0-15VAC R-Core transformers for my Mini A and Aelph 30. They will be $65 US plus shipping to me (to be shared equally) and then shipped to individuals. Shipping would be about $10 each to ship from Hong Kong to Toronto, Canada and $10 Each to ship from Toronto to anywhere in North America via ground.

Here is a Photo of the product. The dimensions are as follows:


165mm X 135mm X 75mm

Approximately $85 US each all told for a high quality R-Core transfomer, not bad all in all. I need to order 15 to make the minimum qty for the custom configuration. I have orders for 8 already. Please email me ASAP if you are serious about participating.


Here is the photo attached as a file, I never have any success at attching them as links. I posted the same link in another thread abt the photo only apperars if you click back an forth on the page numbers one or two times.


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dw8083 said:
What secondary voltages are being ordered for Aleph30's? I assume the primaries are both 240 and 120vac?



jleaman said:

If were going to do the a30's also then we will have to oreder 30 transformers 15 for the a30 and 15 for the mini a's..

No orders have been placed as yet, the only criteria is each configuration requires a minimum order of 15 peices. I personally am interested in 15-0-15 secondaries with either Dual primaries or 117 only.