4 ohm amp to 8 ohm speaker cabs

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Hi Guys, Ive just bought 1000w amp @ 4 ohm and a set of speakers 400w each @ 8 ohms, It was deal otherwise i would of stuck with 4 ohms,
speakers are not as loud as i need,
Can I bridge them, if so, which lead where, I realize they will then be mono, but ive read somewhere it can give you extra 30%
:confused:Did you do the Math?
If you have a 1000W@4 ohms amplifier and you load it with 2 x 8 ohms speakers, you are already set up.

But you are already short of 200W power handling, yet you want to *increase* power by extra 30%? :eek:

What do you want to do, blow them in the first party instead of on the second or third? :rolleyes:

Not forgetting that bridging your amplifier and loading it with 4 ohms will also send it to an early death.
Thanks for advice

Sorry if im sounding noob, but I am lol, so what your saying is, I have amp 500w each channel @4ohm,
pair of speakers 800w each @8ohm and if i bridge them, it will be too much for them and probably blow them.
The sound coming out dus not sound like 1000w,

This is something:
Ive just bought 1000w amp @ 4 ohm

this is something very different:
I have amp 500w each channel @4ohm,

remember, we are not there, we rely on what you tell us to be able to answer properly :)

So, starting again at post #4, forget the earlier ones, now you seem to have a 500W@ 4 ohms per channel amplifier , which will probably put out some 300W per channel at 8 ohms, the speakers you actually bought, so now you have some 600W driving them.

Besides the sad fact that ratings are way inflated these days, both in amps and speakers, even if they were right now you´d have "only" 600W.

That is not the main problem, true 600W is still a lot of power, but if you have them driving just, say, a couple 15" speakers ... that does not move much air, definitely not what you expect.

First (and only sensible) step is to get *another* pair of speakers and use all 4 together, it not only gets more *electrical* power out of your amp, but *doubles* speaker cone area pushing air ... now we are starting to talk.

Not forgetting that what Conanski says may fully apply.

So ... please state brand and model of what you bought, and forget about bridging, what you need is more piston area moving air.
Thanks Guys, Im a bit embarrassed to tell you what ive bought, Im a dj and i know you guys are serious audio,
I bought them, just to do a friends party, Im doing it for free and im on limited budget, so only had £250 for both, they are
skytek sl15 15 inch 800w speakers
skytec spl 1000
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I'm not gonna sugar coat it.. you bought junk. That amp doesn't produce anything close to 1000w it's more like 130w/ch at 8ohm and the speakers aren't gonna handle much power or get very loud. And no you can't bridge the amp to get more power. I'd suggest you send all this stuff back and go rent some real PA equipment.
1000 watts? 500 watts RMS?

It draws only 180W from the wall.


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Thanks Cal, reading between the lines, I have bought junk lol, ive managed to get the seller to take the amp back, with the speakers (skytek) 800w, I tried to take them aprt to see what was inside, and they basically fell aprt in my hands, cheap chipbpard, and im basically just gonna keep them for parts, Ive decided to build my own cabinets, and use emenance drivers, there quite cheap to buy, but ive read good reviews, Could do with some advice on an amp, My budget isnt huge around £150, all i need is 500w rms per channel, is this doable, cant seam to find anything in uk.
Skytec lol their right up there with Pyle when it comes to power figures ie 1000 watts per channel measured into 2 ohm at 90 % distortion . Reality is the amp is probably around 50 watts per channel @ 10 % distortion into 4 ohm. .To be honest if it lasts the length of the party you did well. :)
Sean ... to be perfectly honest you won't find anything decent that produces the real power you want for the budget you have.
Try not to get hung -up on power ratings , especially speakers, the power quoted isn't how many watts ( in terms of loudness ) it's how much power they can handle normally rated at a constant and a max short term peak.
As for amps the max output isn't the quoted power per channel added together , a 50 watt per channel amp produces 50 watts max regardless of how many channels it outputs too.
Take a look at Omnitronic dj gear if you really are limited for cash . It's not great but a little step up in quality from what you had and from my personal experience slightly more reliable .
You should be aware though that the majority of the cheap stuff you will find is the same product built in the same factory and purchased by the container load then badged by the many companies that sell on Amazon / ebay etc
Apologises if any of this sounds patronising not my intention just trying to point you ( as a self confessed noob ) in the right direction.
If you want real power without a lot of money, see if you can pick up an old boat anchor that somebody's traded up for more modern gear. Old CS800's come to mind. You just have to perhaps clean it up, put in some new caps and put up with the fact that it weighs 94 pounds.
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