4 Input SE Select, Volume, Mute, Remote

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This project is a paired down board of another thread that has a 6 input fully balanced Digital Volume control on one large board, you can find that thread for an explanation of how this set of boards work. This project has 4 Input selection Single Ended, with Digital Volume (256 step), Mute, and an infrared remote control which is the same as the previous one, all on separate smaller boards.

Attached to this post is the Schematics for:
The Digital Board - 6" x 4"
The Analog Board - 6.5" x 3"
The Display Board - 6" x 2.75"
The Power Supply - 4" x 2.75"
The Remote Board - 2.65" x 1.5"

Next Post I will post the Bill of Material.
After that the Gerbers will follow.


  • 4 input SE-Volume-Input-Mute-Remote.pdf
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Hi John,

Hugely appreciate your efforts in all this and, as you know, I'm working on a modified version of your full-blown SE / balanced solution on the other thread. I'm not sure which package you're using for your schematics but it is not possible to 'print to PDF' to get a better resolution output. I printed main schematic from the other thread but even on A3 paper it was hard to read due to the lack of resolution.
Hi Paulski,
The package I use, DipTrace, doesn't not have a print to PDF format, at least I have not been able to find a way. I print to 11"x17" paper then scan to create a pdf, unfortunately you lose resolution. But, since the digital section is pretty much the same I think the schematics attached in this thread are a lot clearer.
And I just remember a way to use the Microsoft Windows printer to PDF to take the output of any app and make it a pdf. I will post that in the other thread for that design.

Still updating the BOM for this Thread, it is a bit of work.
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OK, I have gone through the BOM and hopefully have all the reference designations, quantities, and part numbers correct. See attached. unfortunately I can't rename the file now that it is attached, should be V1


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And Here are the Gerbers. The first two are from the previous design. The boards are a pairing down and breaking up of the previous boards so the design is tested but the new boards are not. I don't foresee a problem with them but is someone has any problems with them then I can troubleshoot for you and update if necessary.


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@Johnhenryharris: Very interested in building this board in particular. Adding parts to a mouser order and a little confused.

The quantity lists only 2 but reference numbers shows 4? Do i only need 2? Also is it fine to mix Alternative volume resistors (ie. 16k R5 with 3.92k for R6) as mouser is out of stock on a few of these.

If all goes well ill place an order for 5 boards.


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Ive carted majority of the components ready for purchse, will have to do some searching as some seem to be obsolete. Will report back on that.

I really would like a Volume Knob rather than the volume up and down buttons. Would this be difficult to work into the build?

Also not keen on building the remote. Is a apple tv remote something i could incorporate?

Thanks for the patience, i'm a noob in this realm!
I too am interested in a Knob verses Button for the Volume. Paulski is working on the idea. I am very interested to see his results and schematic.

For the remote, the receiver and transmitter use a dedicated encode/decode chip so is not compatible with other remotes, too many encode/decode methods to keep up with. Some have proposed using a universal remote and having it learn from the remote transmitter although I have not tried that. The Transmitter is a very simple to build device, which you can see in my other thread, and has been optimized over time.
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