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4 Airplay source, 8-Zone whole home audio system

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Hi, folks. I'm new to diyAudio, and in the process of marketing a brand new technology.

I recently founded a company called Juke Audio to market what my team has developed. Our website is: Juke Audio Inc..

Our product allows DIY'rs to power wired speakers all over their homes from a single device. The Juke appears on a network as 4 different Apple Airplay receivers. It allows you to stream up to 4 simultaneous sources from any app to any combination of its 8 zones. It's very powerful, super energy-efficient (i.e. it doesn't overheat your closet or cabinet), and the sound quality is fantastic because it does everything digitally all the way to its digital class-D amplifiers. Juke is manufactured in California and based in Manhattan Beach.

I'm now trying to figure out how to get the word out and would appreciate feedback from the group!

Kind regards,

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Welcome to DIY Audio.

Interesting product. Best of luck with the marketing!

After reading your website, I have a few questions:
- Does it only work with Apple products? I like Apple's stuff, but many don't.
- What are the lightning bolt and heart icons on the rear panel signifying?
- Is it available with rack ears? The amp is obviously designed for installation in a utility closet, so having it rack mountable would make a lot of sense.

I'm also curious which Airplay implementation you used. Would you be able to speak to that a little?

I'm no marketing expert, but I do have some experience running a small company. I've run Neurochrome since 2010 and have just launched Tom Christiansen Audio. My suggestion would be Facebook and Instagram advertising as they allow you to define your audience very tightly. Build an email list (where's your exit-intent popup??) and Facebook followers so you can reach them directly. This assumes your end customers are on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Are you planning to be a business-to-consumer company or a business-to-business company? It seems you're aiming for the former, but I suggest not overlooking the latter. Get your information in the hands of builders, contractors, people who do renovations, etc.

Hi, Tom. It's nice to hear from a fellow Canadian: although I've lived in LA since 2006, I spent much of my life in Victoria, BC.

The lightning bolt signifies that the device has power and that the power supply is working correctly. The heart-beat icon is controlled by the internal digital circuitry. When it's "beating," it means that everything is healthy.

The Juke has rear mounting holes that can be attached to rack ears if someone wants to rank-mount it.

I'll message you directly about our Airplay implementation, and I very much appreciate your suggestions!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.