3way crossover & FIR filters


2009-07-05 2:29 pm
dear community,

I´m successfully running a computer based audiosystem called cMP2 (cicsmemoryplayer.com) where a digital crossover module (thuneau allocator) is working as a VST plugin in the player (cPlay), and outputs 6 channels directly to my lynx two-B soundcard.

now I wanted to implement FIR filtering and roomcorrection into the setup and have bought uli brüggemann´s "acourate" tool to create the filters for this.
the acourate software has created 6 .pcm filters that I can implement with convolver as substitute for the allocator.
that works fine too, but I need to correct these filters and acourate is not quite developed for this configuration as it can only correct a 2way stereo output.

-and here I´m stuck !

the most obvious thing would be to buy the "audiolense" from juicehifi, but maybe someone can give me an idea to proceed with acourate.

I would like to keep the samplingrate @ at least 96khz (192khz even better) and the ASIO functionality, so there is no way of going the JACK or console route.

does anyone have a suggestion how to overcome this dilemma ?

most kindly

leif, berlin