3-way tl designs

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I currently have a pair of PMC TB2 bookshelf speakers. I really like them and chose them after listening to many different book shelf monitor speakers.

I am not sure whether its the tl design, or just pmc speakers signature from the drivers they choose. But what I love is its natural non woofy bass, and relaxed and effortless sound.

Now I want to move up to bigger floor standing speakers for a bigger sound. I find myself turning my TB2's up louder to try and get more depth and presence in the room, not to make it louder. I want speakers that can play lower but still engulf me in broad thick sound. I believe larger speakers are the key here to move more air at lower sound levels?

Now being a PMC man I have been looking at some of their floor standers and man are they way over priced! So doing a bit of research I see that people are building excellent speakers themselves for a lot less than retail prices.

So can anyone help me out with some 3 way tl designs? I am a sparky myself and have friends who are carpenters and cabinet makers.

At the moment can't remember of any to recommend, but you can (diy)
Go to the store (I presume England?)
or any Volt distributor
Volt Loudspeakers - About Us
Look for a good Volt and place it in a TL. (Some diyAudio members are very good at that.)
Then get a classic concept for a 3-Way like this here,
get the main drivers (mids, for a 3-way) for cheap, having in mind they where discontinued (Kef) many years ago, if not decades,
use the crossover from the classic,
and for last use a replacement driver for the tweeter Kef T27 if not an original from Ebay. Alternatives can vary...
from a very long list https://www.intertechnik.com/Shop/Loudspeakers/Seas-Prestige/Seas-Tweeter/1768,en,4842
If you find it difficult or cant bear with the workload build yourself a 2-Way with the drivers you got and maybe plus an independent subwoofer(s) or TL with a(/two) Volt(s) driver(s).
If you hate all my recommendations (from my first line) just go to the store and get yourself a complete KIT.
Floorstanding Loudspeaker kits
Personally I would not team up Volt woofers KEF B110, Volts are better than that.
The specific woofers I'd look at are the RV3143 or BM2500.4.

I'd be looking at quality 3" domes like ATC or Volt like PMC does (although they make their own dome which is not available to the public) but they do need steep xover slopes and a bit of eq massaging. IMO they are ideally used active but when done right they are sublime.
If that and their cost does not appeal I'd probably use Beyma 5P200Fe.

As for tweeters PMC have been known to use these:
Scanspeak D2606/922000 Tweeter - Discovery Range
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