3-way driver polarity

I'm been playing with a 3-way and all modelling and actual tests show the mid driver as reversed polarity which is fine as it's a LR2 xo.

What I would like to know, would it be preferable to have the mid with normal polarity and the tweeter and woofer as reversed polarity which is exactly how another 3-way I have is run.

So I have 2 3-ways with different polarity arrangements.... which is the best in theory?


2008-02-18 11:33 am
I don't think it is really important. For me it's important to have a good phase between drivers and a good linear (or flat as possible) SPL level.
And it's depend on the topology of the filter.
For example a 12/12/18dB filter, it could be boomer normal polarity and midrange, tweeter reverse.
sreten said:

Either way is the same, the only issue is absolute polarity.


I agree. The only issue I can think of is that if you reverse the woofer and tweeter polarity (essentially the same as you switch the polarity at your speaker or amp terminal), you can't mix your different 3-ways in a multi-ch setup. But even this can be easily solved by changing the polarity at speaker terminals.