3-way crossover confusion


2007-10-03 6:20 pm
Hi, I picked up a set of speakers w/ crossovers that a guy never got around to putting together into cabinets. I've built cabinets but haven't been able to sort out the crossover connections. There's a red wire labeled as '2?' in the schematic at the link below. Components are also listed below. Any help mucho appreciated!

•Woofer: Dalesford D100/250, 10” Bass-Mid, 100 watt
•Mid: Dalesford D30/110, 5” Bass-Mid, 50 watt
•Tweeter: Dynaudio D28, D 2806 2A, 71010
•5MF50VNP - TCN505A
•25V 2.2µf, non-polar
•50V 4.7µf - bi-polar
•10µf 50V
•TH25 – 30C5NI - 25MFD – 30VNP
•OHMITE, BROWN, DEVI, NO (component is hard to read … might be DEVE or DEVF or DEVH)
•100MF50VNP - TCN50599A

Link to schematic: http://jamminthesky.spaces.live.com/photos/cns!E3EFE7A9C064111A!223/