3.5 mm to rca


2013-12-08 3:15 pm
I have not wired these in before. The 3.5 I ordered has a R/L/G, Ive seen others that lack a ground wire. Each side of the new rca's have single wire and a wrapped woven ground. I assume I can tie the 3.5 ground to either the Left or right side rca ground and its ok to go?

It seems too easy but I don't want to screw it up thought I'd ask.
the input to your amplifier needs a two wire connection. The source current Flows to the Receiver and the curent Returns to the Source.
You NEED to take a two wire connection to EACH amplifier.

If instead you take one two wire connection to one amplifier and a single hot/flow wire to the other amplifier, that single wire connection will either not work at all, or more likely the amplifier will look for and find a low impedance connection via all your other wires back to the RCA and use that to create the input Flow and Return circuit from the partially connected RCA.
That extra connection route will have enormous loop area and may have enormous interference currents flowing through parts of that unknown route. That will result in a noisy input in one channel.

The woven sounds like a screen/shield. This is probably a coaxial cable, A properly connected coax uses the core as the hot/flow connection and uses the screen as the cold/return connection. BOTH of these connections MUST be CONTINUOUS from Source to Receiver. This is the TWO WIRE connection.
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