2x4 brace matrix

I was recently reading a thread about a concrete cab in which someone recommended a matrix of braces is better. I can't find that thread again, so I'm starting this new one just to throw out an idea.

Would a matrix of 2x4s would act as a good internal bracing system? You could drive long screws right through them to tie them together, and of course they could be screwed and glued to the sides. The advantage of using 2x4 in my mind is that they are very easy (and safer for me lungs) to get and work with. On the downside, the are pine.

What do you think?

hi Cal,
thanks for responding. When you say "rip them" do you mean cut them into 2x2s? If I decide to do this project, I guess I could buy those instead, but the way I was imagining it, with the 2" sides touching, that would make for a much tighter matrix.

Do you think, when all is said and done that this would be any easier then standard MDF panel braces?