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2sk134/2sj49 - 120watt amp

for sale: unused 120watt mosfet amp

2-channels: with a pair of 2sk134/2sj49 devices per channel. includes the driver boards as well and heat sinks. NEW and UNUSED -- just a little dust. another of those projects that never saw the light of day.

$75, or a 12" driver like a dayton or peerless for a subwoofer.

ps: e-mail for a few shots; i keep getting a message that the picture is too big..
mosfet amp kit

actually, no.

it's one of those things that wives molest you on -- how many more projects are you going to start and not finish...... - that kind of thing. and then you suffer with ...nothing else comes into the house until some stuff leaves...

anyway, the devices are part of a pre-wired amp, ie, there is a set of driver boards, plus the outputs. this is all brand new, never used them, never put them into a chassis with a power supply, etc etc.

so you can use the pair to completely re-fit a stereo amp, or you can just use the output devices, which are hard to get and expensive these days.

let me know.
120 watt mosfet stereo power amp


ok, sorry for the delay. i finally found pictures:

- this is a view of 1 channel
- this is the schematic

but i can't attach them, they are too big. just send me an e-mail at [email protected] and i'll send them to you.

and as i said before, not used. somewhere i have a power supply appropriate for the stereo amp if you need it. we can handle that separately.