2SC4388 and 2SA1673 replacements?

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Lol, I have one of those too. I can tell you the pioneer gm7200m has them in it if you want used....but I'd rather fix the pioneer. Like $7ea plus ship right? Unreal, this amp is not worth fixing for that. I bought some 7200s for under 25 each TMD. Maybe someone knows a replacement.
As pricey as these are I have found no useful replacement for them. I just get the client to help me bit the bullet at PCP and use the original pert. I believe these were LAPT transistors and so they were designed specifically for audio application.
Linear Audio Power Transistors = LAPT

If you ever do find a US replacement LMK I would be extremely interested in testing your find...:)
bdent.com has them for 3.89 a piece for the 2SC4388 and 4.21 a piece for the 2SA1673. Minimum order is 15 dollars which isn't horrible. Just not sure how reliable of a supplier bdent.com is. The only other place i have seen them is at mcm electronics for 7+ dollars a piece. I'll have to see if the owner wants to spend the money to fix it.
shagone said:

They charged me $18 and i'm in San diego. i'm going to email them and ask for my $8 back:confused:

Here is what they said about the shipping so be warned:

"Ref your e-mail
because they need parts as fast as possible for service and repairs

If you like to use THE SLOW SHIPPING SERVICE 5-TO-10 working days
We will add to your file that you like the regular -SLOW SHIPPING SERVICE ONLY
Please adv,THANK YOU

Meantime , we will credit $8.00 ON YOUR NEXT ORDER"

Best regards
If the guy wants the amp fixed i'll probably just bite the bullet and get the ones from mcm. Not that i'm paying for the parts but i'd rather know they are good.At this point though it sounds like he doesn't wanna have the amp fixed.Its almost not even worth the cost of the parts to fix it.
This amp only has one of each for a channel, so it was $8 for those. I needed other stuff, so for about a $30 order it shows $6.25 shipping at B&D. This amp, same deal not worth much of anything but it says 600 watts on the front....must mean something. :D I think it is 100wrms x2, not bad for a high side application or small sub. What, $30-40?
Ok, forgot I ordered some 2sa1694 from a place on ebay in the UK. They came today and look nice, but they are ISC brand. All I find is this: http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=115281

So ISC must be legit manufacturer? They were cheap like $16 shipped for 4 thought I would test them in an audiobahn that is a little rough anyway. Can't anyone stock some Sanken in the US??? I see lots of them. Oh yeah, you don't want to stock anything I forgot...JIT...
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