2N6339 / 2N5884 <- Usable?


2001-02-04 4:23 am
The 2N6339 is switching transistor, its linear safe area goes away above about 12V.The 2N5884 is a much better part with excellent safe area up to 40V, but it is low voltage and you don't know how much life it has left.The best parts for audio in the TO3 case are the MJ21193/21194, only about $2.50 each.You could make a 2KW amp with a heatsink like that!
Thnx a lot DJK for the reply!!
You did mention 2KW amp? :eek: ? you see any design that would deliver such power? ( I assume this awesome amount of power would be possible with MJ21193/21194?) If possible a design that could be simple and low cost (as I'm a newbie and a student...) :p
Anyway thnx again for your precious feedback

And if anyone interested there was 3 more heatsink like mine for 20USD each.