24 stepped volume control schema?

24 Step Chinese Attenuator

It should be very like this:



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Yes I have,but there are 4 or 5 points where it is possible to connect it..

The ohm meter can be a critical tool for figuring out how to hook it up.

(1) An attenuator like this usually has 3 connections - input, output, and common ground.

(2) The resistance from input to common ground should be constant and equal to the rated impedance of the attenuator. So, if this is a 100k atttenuator, the resistance from input to common ground should be 100k.

(3) The resistance from output to common ground should vary with the setting of the switch.

Your challenge: use your ohm meter to find the three terminals that have the desired properties.

I tried googling based on the string "24 step attenuator" and found many references. You might want to study up on the topic.