24/192 DAC with CS8422?

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Hi all

I want to build a DAC that use the CS8422 receiver with 24/192 capability and asynchronous upsampling. The dac chip may be Crystal or AKM

I dont understand why this receiver chip seems not so popular in DIY project. I think it has great potential for high quality sound.

Why? because I have a QUAD cdp with dac function that has cs8420 and cs4398. It sound really good but not capable of 192khz and I don't want to modify it. I rather play with a kit and do some tweak.

I have compared the QUAD cdp with some sophisticated DAC but the QUAD outperform them in term of the analog sounding. I believe this is be cause of the asych upsampling by cs8420. The Quad souds good with any sources (very good jitter rejection)

The other DAC that I compared to include Hegel HD20 and Gold Note DAC 7. both of these are 24/192. The hegel has very high specification as advertised. the GN DAC has XMOS USB receiver which sounded much better than its spdif input but still not comparable with the QUAD for analog sounding over normal spdif signal from an airport express.

The Quad's DAC section is simple. no fancy low noi reg. Stereophile report very good measurement.

SO I believe cs8422 should be better. I have found one chinese kit with cs8422 in asych mode but I don't like the pcb layout.

Question: is there any high quality diy project with cs8422 receiver?
The LCDuino-1 display I/O processor

You can get a ready programmed Atmega328 from AMB or you can load the firmware to an arduino board.

Thanks. very interesting project. I think the gamma 2 would be more suitable for my level. The gamma 3 is more high end but I suspect the audible differences would be fairly small as they both use the same chip set and topology.

It takes time to read the instructions. I am still not sure whether a complete set of parts is avalaible from amb or not.
Some further info, because doing a 24 bit DAC layouts is critical...

This is for 12 bit and covers decoupling...

There are other docs that I don't have to hand at the moment, but to get 20/21 bit resolution (which is wot you will get from a 24 bit convertor requires proper layout, that means NO pth decoupling caps, they are pointless, small loop areas, ground and power planes (planar capacitance) etc.
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