230vac to 15vac


2019-11-06 8:40 pm
I have two speaker protection boards by JLester which needs 15VAC 1A each.

What do I need? I believe it's enough with a transformer that has 15VAC secondary, and no other components what so ever. But I ask because I'm not sure. No diodes , protection, anything?


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2003-06-12 7:04 pm
Maine USA
To keep it simple: Yes, if you have 230VAC and the load wants 15VAC, you only need a 230VAC:15VAC transformer of appropriate size.

To also keep you safe, you want a fuse so a fault does not heat-up your line cord, set the carpet on fire, burn-up your house. And a box so your child/cat does not touch live wires. You may also want a switch. In some lands a commercial product must use a 2-pole switch. If the box is metal (plastic boxes should be Approved for hiding live wires, so not a cookie-tray) and you have a 3rd pin (PE, green wire) on your wall outlet, there should be a substantial bond from wall 3rd pin to bare metal on the box, so a loose wire will blow the fuse in the basement before anybody gets shocked.