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I have a set of Image 10" 2-way ported speakers from circa 1973. I want to refurbish them and I have some questions about how to go about it. The boxes are very nice mitered solid wood. So, I am building everything else around them.

The factory 3600 hz crossover is still intact and seems to be working just fine. These are original -almost 40 years old. Do crossovers wear out?

Based on price and frequency response I was thinking of using the Pioneer W25GR31-51F woofer, and the Dayton DC28F-8 1-1/8" Silk Dome Tweeter.

Would I be better off gutting the whole thing and starting from scratch? I have built a set of dayton speakers from a kit in the past, so I have some prior knowledge but i am far from an expert. Any input or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
It all depends on what you want, your budget, and what you are willing to do. If the boxes are furniture quality, it may be worth the time and effort to build a new speaker using them. On the other hand, the box design may limit your options. To get the best sound, you will need to measure the speakers response, and make a custom x-over. This is not that hard, but will require buying, or borrowing some test equipment. If you have a performance goal in mind, start designing from there. If you want a nice looking box for background music, the design may be different than if you want to play them louder, or as part of a home theater system.
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Hi bran0463 - I have used the Pioneer and like it for the price. It will go pretty high in freq. and that should make the crossover work easier for you depending on the tweeter you wind up with - they would have no problems with 3600 hz. Be careful when you mount them - I gathered up the skirt to the rubber surround by coming in from the back - so clear some space around the screw holes!

Take a look at Zaph for some tweeter test results - it could help with your selection.

For the reburb, replace the capacitors in the crossover since caps can/will dry out and degrade. Match the new caps up to the new drivers to get better sound.

Resistors and coils won't be an issue unless they are burned from too much power going to them or under rated from the start.
I have been reading a lot and am beginning to see that building a 2-way speaker with a 10 inch driver may be a questionable endeavor. However, the cabinets are very nice and I am trying to put together a scenario that may work.

Using the "speaker selection wizard" on parts-express.com I have chosen the Goldwood GW-10PC-8. I think the wizard chooses it speakers largely on cabinet volume - is there a way to change my cabinet volume by cutting some mdf to fit in the end of the cabinet?

With a 10" 2-way system I realized I need to have tweeter with an impressively low frequency response. Furthermore I realized low-response tweeter = expensive. Anyway, I have selected the Dayton RS28A. A bonus with these drivers is I should not need an L-pad attenuator.

I think I may buy a pre-made 2000Hz crossover from parts-express . It is a second order alignment which should be better than a first order with such a small overlap in frequency response. Any thoughts on the Dayton XO2W-2K 2-Way Crossover?

So, I know there are many layers of information I am ignoring here but I have learned a lot since I originally posted this. Do you all have any suggestions on further reading or input on my potential setup?
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.