2 way or 2½ way, that is the question

I am planning to start a new speaker project soon. I have ordered a pair of Vifa XT25 tweeters and one pair of Scanspeak 18W/8542 drivers. I am goint to use LC Audios crossover, seen on http://www.lcaudio.com/dele.htm.

This filter can be used for 2-way or 2½-way speakers and here comes my question to you. I have the opportunity to order another pair of 18W8542 for a good price. I therefore have the possibility to build 2-way or 2½ way speakers.

Witch speakers should I build ??? 2-way or 2½-way speakers. And WHY should I choose one before the other???


Stefan B
JBL said:
First what is a 2and a half way design??

A 2 1/2 way (BTW the 1/2 you typed in shows up as the greek letter pi on my mac) is a dual woofer system with both woofers running at the LF with one woofer crossed out 1st order at about the baffle-step frequency.

It is a technique to eliminate the BS phenomenom. A 2 1/2 way has a 3-6 dB efficiency advantage over a speaker which uses a filter for BS compensation.

If you use the 2nd midbass to build a bi-polar speaker the geometry of the enclosure acts as the filter.