2 way horn builds?

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Dear DIY speaker Gods,

I'm looking into building a 2 way system. (with the possible option of adding a super twitter later along the line).
I don't believe I'm qualified for designing something from scratch, so the idea is to find a build that's known to work relatively well (plans + driver models + crossover design).

regarding priorities, I want something loud but not full on PA style, I'm thinking something like the JBL model 14 - 1 horn for mids and highs, and a reflex box with a 12" or so. I'm not interested in how the speaker looks, just want something that will perform well and of relatively simple geometry, space is not much of an issue either. I'm thinking along the lines of a 2 way LaScala but with contemporary drivers. I know this is probably starting to sound like cornscala to you, but couldn't it be more interesting in terms of efficiency to have a rear loaded horn on the low perhaps?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated,

Are you interested in building a Unity or Synergy type horn? There is a lot of info here and elsewhere; this is a great DIY project or you can buy the commercial product yourself at (USA) prices ranging from $1500 per speaker (Yorkville U15) to $11,000 range for Danley SH-50 :D

For the rest of us, there is DIY!

"Speaker Gods?" Certainly not me :rolleyes: For your amusement, I share an Aesop's fable with you. I am much more the "Mercury" type speaker god :)

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mikejennens, that looks really interesting, thanks!...just need to find some plans for that now, but looks like they have their own forum...

unit synergy looks really cool and all, but geometrically speaking looks complicated, meaning more complex joints, meaning more room for mistakes. Although I've worked with wood before, this would be my first DIY speaker set...trying to keep things in the more boring 90degree field for now.
There is a strong following for Klipsch Jubilee(dual 12") and Jamboree(dual 15") bass horns, with the ABS plastic K-402 mid-treble horn on top. You would want to check K402 purchase options in Germany, unless you also want to built the large wooden K402(which some have done).

ALSO: In Germany Stereo Lab Tractrix horns are very popular and their website has several example systems....

STEREO LAB Online-Shop und Manufaktur

Klipsch Cinema Behind the Screen Systems

Official Klipsch - Speakers, Home Audio, & Headphones

With auditorium space at a premium the Jubilee low-frequency device with its 24-inch depth is the ultimate space-saving solution. Developed by audio pioneer Paul W. Klipsch in 2001 this dual 12-inch loudspeaker system couples the horn-loaded woofers with the KPT-402-MF mid-bass Tractrix Horn coupled to the Klipsch K-1133 two-inch exit titanium compression driver. The high frequencies are easily handled by the KPT-Grand-HF-T Tractrix Horn.
•Dual 12-inch loudspeaker system
•Horn-loaded woofers
•Two-inch exit titanium compression driver
•Bi-amp configuration


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Few pictures I had on my system.

1) German StereoLab Tractrix ideas. Simple horn and folded horn ideas.
2) Klipsch 15" Jamboree 3" center stretch of 12" Jubilee
3) Folks with crazy wood skills build K-402
4) JBL CMCD-82. An 8" compression driver which allows 250Hz - 2000Hz coverage. Focus on midrange . JBL sells modest size 90H x 50V ABS plastic horns. JMCL sells LARGE 36" horns. Home CMCD owners claim "effortless, but still very natural midrange sound from the low compression ratio". ~$450 with phase plug.

---If you start researching 2" compression drivers now, you will better understand the frequency range and resonance_vs_dome-material before you select a horn.


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