2 Excel W18 in closed encolsure?

I have concidered building a closed enclosure version of the Seas Odin speakers. Two Seas Excel w18 and Excel millenium tweeter. The low frequences i lose, i compensate with a ported enclosure for a Seas Excel W26 for each channel. I have two Electrocompaniet AW220 ampifires. I thought about using a passive crossover for the midbass and tweeter, and a Hypex DS 2.0 for each Excel W26 element. Would you think this could play well? :) Or should i drop the closed enclosure and make a regular Seas Odin?
I cant see anything wrong with this. If you keep the baffle width pretty much the same as the odin and thor you can just use that xover.

Just put the W18's in an enclosure to give you a Q your happy with, Id suggest 0.5-0.7.

I am assuming you are going to use an active xover to blend the W26 with the W18's as a sub?
I thougt of having about the same baffle width and hight as the odin, changing the depth of the cabinet. Its recommended to have 8 L for each W18 element, so a cabinet on 15-17 L for the midbass.

I´d like the sound to have tight bass response, so a Q factor on 0,5-0,6 would be preferable. Though i am not any expert for calculating Q-factors... I´ll try using the odin/thor xrossover. The sealed cabinets will give a higher f3, so i´ll probably dont need a high-pass filter for the midbass..?

For the W26 i´ll use an DS 2.0 amp. It has an active lowpass xover, so i dont think blending the sub will be a problem... its recommended to have 120 L ported cabinet for the W26. Thought of using the sub cabinets as stands for the midbass cabinets.