2 ch. 24 bit ADC USB/Firewire converter

I've built a nice 2 channel mic preamp and I'd like to be able to record with it onto my computer. Ideally I'd use a soundcard, but my imac has no PCI slots so it looks like some sort of USB or Firewire ADC is in order.

My problem is that I would like a converter without mic preamps, but all the interfaces I'm seeing have them built in. I can DIY something, but I've never worked with digital component and frankly I'm not sure I want to. Does anyone have some tip on stereo USB ADCs for under $500 (or DIY kits that I could solder without specialized equipment)?

The preamp section is always selectable - mic or line in.
I don't know if that's what is bothering you...
If you want more separation, the E-MU Traker Pre has even "insert" inputs that are connected right before A/D converter (AK5385):
Inserts (1L & 2R)
These unbalanced TRS jacks allow you to insert a signal processor, such as a compressor or EQ, after the mic preamps, but before the A/D converter stage. The Insert jacks can also be used to tap off the mic preamp outputs when using the Tracker Pre as a stand-alone stereo microphone preamp.
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