2 b or not 2 b


2006-09-11 3:31 pm
I started reading on this site about a year ago, very informative!
I am self employed and have a wife and kids so I don't have time to read every thread, SORRY. And I'm sorry about asking this same Question. I'm ready to build an amp for my winter project.
This is what i've come up with correct me if i'm wrong.
Very interested in a class a amp.
Class A

Pass Aleph 2 - very good sound but no low end

Ska in class a mode - ?

Class AB

Ska In Class ab mode - heard good things about this amp but are these persons qualified to make that decision

Ampslab - have not heard much about them

Class B

Slone opti-mos or 11.4 - heard they sound good but the 11.4 has issues

Aussieamplifiers - ?

ESP - heard good things

I would like to build a matching pre amp also, I listen to a variety of music (2500 cd's) so the amp would be versatile, I wouldn't mind etching my own pcb if I had a layout, but I don't have the knowledge to design my own pcb from a schmatic.

Highest on list Pass, Slone, SKA
Not interested in a chipamp!!!

Thanks For The Info:)


2006-09-11 3:31 pm
Listening impressions or negative feedback on these amp?
I've read slones book on high power amps and he contradicts what other say about balanced inputs, damping factor, 2nd harmonics and can you really hear crossover distortion.
One of the best sounding setups i've heard was a mark levinson class a and wilson audio speakers.