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2.7" LCD Audio display module

2.7" Blue backlight FSTN audio display module, two channel, stereo.
5 modes: VU meter, 10 band Real time spectrum analyzer, Oscilloscope, Envelope, X-Y plot.
Display can be set : Horizontal/Vertical, Linear/Logarithmic, Inverse backlight, Input level custom set, Peak Hold..plus many other . Buyer will get complete setting manual on PDF.
Plug and play, only needs 5V DC..and Left/Right audio signals.
Can be used to make standalone audio meter or as a nice decoration for some preamp or amp.

Price 30€+shipping per module, two modules available.

Regards, Davorin
P.S. These backlit displays are a real bitch to photograph, can guaranty they look much better in real.:cool:


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