2.1 or 4 channel bridgeable amplifier

Hi All.

I'm chasing for an affordable amplifier that sounds decent enough.
previously I used both the original t-amp as well as a trends audio and loved their sound.

I'd like to also being able to run a sub channel from the same amp.

I understand the TA2022 is bridgeable and could be used to use a sub as well as speakers but i'm unsure whether are any boards out there that do that,

does anyone know any readymade or boards using a 2.1 config and tripath or similar?

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Gracias danzz.
It looks good. Actually I changed the name of my thread, but unfortunately it hasn't updated it in the forum view.

I'm really after any chipamp that can do 2.1 or even a 4 channel amp, than can have 2 channels bridged should be fine.

The one you linked to looks nice. I hope someone can post some experiences.

It's a shame there are no more of these 2.1 amps around. I'm looking at using this for my TV, and connect it to a unpowered sub I had left over from my car install (the sub is fantastic and has a dual voice coil, but has no amp.

Having a separate amp just for the sub would complicate things unnecessarily.