2.1 DIY amp suggestions


2015-10-09 9:33 pm
Hello all,

I am looking into starting the path of an amp for my new project. I am building the Aviatrix by speakerdesignworks. They are 80watts rms and dip down to 5ohm between 100-200hz. Other than that they are 6ohm speakers. I would like something around 100wpc and have a preout for a sub.

In a perfect world it would be great to have three settings:
1 all frequency to both channels for 2.0 operation
2 cross over at 80hz to the preout for the sub
3 cross over at 30 or 40hz (for the Statements II I want for the future)

This is probably not easy though. I did see an amp akitika which looked good for my purposes; it is only a 2.0 setup though. I would get an AVR, but would still need an amp, and would have to pay much more to get one that has preouts for the mains. I have been looking into another company ampslabs which has a good Bi120 that I was looking for to create monoblocks, but would need a preamp in order to send a signal to a sub. or upgrade my mains so I don't need a sub.

I am new to all this and the Aviatrix will be my first kit ever. I need help with an amp now. I am open to any suggestions any of you may have on this.

The questions are very generic.

May be you would like to finish speakers first and run them with your Avr which you have already.

Once you are happy with the sound you can get a diy pre amp, can try DCB1 once the new gb is on.

Than build any amp that fits in.

It would be important not to damage your speakers while testing amps and pre amps, so you might need to buy cheap speakers for testing.

If money is concern in the project, than the question is what the budget would be. May be it would be cheaper to by an integrated amp to drive your mice speakers, as diy amp is it going to be very cheap and can cost as much)

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