1x Large Torroidal or Multiple ?

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The system will be powering a DAC - (+ve & -ve) 5v dac analogue and (+ve) dac digital separate voltages as well as a (+/- ve) separate internal headphone amp board. Looking at a linear power setup a case that can take the sizes.

In my head I have that a larger transformer could supply the voltage, so could smaller separate torroidals. All of the PSUs aren't really going to have a flux issue in driving the current needed (they'd be spec'd accordingly to demand). So the main thought is noise.

* larger transformer, rectifier & filters supplying a common rail to smaller regulators.
* 2 or 3 smaller toroidals with tailored rectifiers, filters and regulators.
The DAC will be Soekris' 1941. Specification states +5V max 0.6A, -5V max 0.1A but for this it would be:
VCC5D - Digital Power @ 5V. 350mA
VCC5A - Analogue +5V @ 85mA
VEE5A - Analogue -5V @ 85mA

Soren indicates that the output buffer is takes it's power from the Analogue +/- 5V lines and works fine (Q here is 85mA to drive all that lot seems asking for it).

Soren has indicated that a digital display may be 150mA extra, however I'd like to run a number of things in future including RPi (5V 2.5A), a TFT screen (5.5V 150mA), etc so that would be 3-4A total. Initially I would use a CPLD (50mA max) that would be switching relays (latching but say 100mA for a coil).

The headphone amp would be Ian's HP2 which is 28V 1A by itself (judging by the rear of the pre-built HP2.

I was thinking to run the analogue supplies using LT3045 (+ve) and LT3094 (-ve) at 5V 200mA. This would work for the DAC, but I would probably add a second pair in parallel for noise and ability to support the buffer board. The 28V 1A supply would be via an LM-series regulator as the LT30xx tops out at 20V.
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With torroidals there is always the suspicion that noise from one winding can easily be coupled to another up to fairly high frequencies. What you propose is not a comparison i have actually performed but the multiple transformer route seems safer if ultimate sound quality is the goal.
1.5A for headphone amp?

Anyway I'd say one >= 25VA transformer for +/-5V (centre-tapped and full bridge rectified),
perhaps rectified and smoothed to >= 8V and then use point-of-load 5V regulators for each component - certainly the heavy load of a future RPi shouldn't impact on the existing 5V rails or cause them to droop.

second 50VA transformer for 28V supply.
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