1st time DIY Class A

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I'm new to the realm of DIY audio, soon I'll be making a pair of speaker cables and interconnects. I've also started to toy with the idea of making my own 2 channel amp. I'm really only looking for something in the 20-50wpc range. Are there any high quality/decntly priced DIY kits out there? I'm realistically looking at around $500, but not sure if that's too low a figure. I have a fairly good understanding of electronics, so anything that has a fairly logical approach too would be no problem, not to mention I have 3 people in my family who are electricians/electrical engineers..thanks for any advice
yeah, I saw the AKSA amp the other day, it definitely looks like a possible option...as far as passdiy, the amps I saw on there really were the ones that got me interested and brought me to this site, but they definitely look like a task electronically, I've also looked at the amps at LCaudio, nice but a little more than I can afford, unless I wanted to be a part or two here and there
I agree with grataku, I have built a few Hiraga Class A 20/30W amps, fairly simple with good sound.

All the parts are easy to get and cheap, the offset is nice and low without matched transistors and I haven't experienced any turn on/off nasties.

Can post my PCB layout if anyone is interested?

The Full article is available at :<a href="http://www.gmweb.btinternet.co.uk/hiraga.htm">The Class-A Amplifier Site - Jean Hiraga Index</a>
Most of the article been translated to English, for the rest I would recommend <a href="http://trans.voila.fr/?getting_web">voila - traduction</a>, gives much better results than babelfish/InterTran

yeah, I'm a guy....I unfortunately have a limited knowledge of circuits, so a kit or something that has some type of instructions is realistically the best option for me, plus getting 90% of it in one shot is far better than trying to track down parts, I mean I can solder, identify what is what and a few other assorted abilities( I made a strobe light and microphone/transmitter thingy in high school) , but as far as being able to say I "need" this part to this and things like that I'd be lost
yeah, the zapsolute looks tempting, it might be an option if I decide that I don't mind building it over a few months time getting parts here and there, the jlh looks good to, are there any places in the USA/ North America that distribute them in some sort of kit form, I'm just unsure of what the currency conversion would be...now as far as kits go, I don't need a case, I can build one, I've worked with thick aluminum before, transformers I'm expecting to by seperately as well, so it doesn't have to come in "complete kit" form just 80-90%...thanks for the replies so far
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