1st project!!!!

Check out my intro on my profile:D

Well this my 1st project, but a lil' info first.

Many of you may know of those portable external speakers that people use for their Ipods and stuff. Well I wanna make my own:cool: but more powerful!!!
and well there's these guys at school that like to show off with their speakers so I wanna shut em up.:rofl:

Well this is what I've done and got so far:


TEH SHOX EATER!!!!(Not done yet.)

  • A 6x9 speaker from a car (4 ohms, 30-70watts)
  • RCA cable
  • Speaker wire
  • A tiny tweeter (Also from a car.)
  • RCA conversion to a 3.5mm male jack.
  • Kenwood split system component.
  • Will make the enclosure later.
(No amp!!!)
^^^ There's the problem. I did a test run using my cellphone as the music player and it's really quiet..... I wanna make an amp but I don't know how and what components I need and where to get em.

The End..... For now:confused:

Any ideas,comments, and changes are welcome:p

If you wanna really shut them up, a small switching amplifier (there's some decent kits on 41Hz.com/shop), powered by a 12v battery would work. There's some really really small amplifiers, but they use small SMDs, so a compromise could be the amp6-basic.

Apart from that, I'm sure the guys here can recommend you some other amplifiers.

You're also going to need a cabinet for that driver.