1st post: Where to get KEF C75 rebuilt? TIA


2005-07-22 4:36 am
I had this one speaker re-done before and the place sent it back exactly the same way it went in, buzzing with the coil bottoming out. It was removed from the cabinet for the repair...they claimed it was "fully tested" and treated me like an idiot. I sent it back with the whole cabinet so they could do it right. Ok, it came back marginal. Within a few months, it was shot. I currently have a piece of foam taped down to hold the cone in on the upper left quadrant. (pretty picture, yea?) BTW- I did not blow it myself from a beat connection or overpowering. Matter of a fact, I swapped R&L and no problems with the cannel or other speaker. Where can I get it done...correctly? It's the 8" mid/tweeter combo with the Uni-Q...kinda unusual, but probally not for you guys.:D

Also- yes, I searched.