1st order crossover design!


I need to build a high pass crossover for my mid-range and tweeter. (vintage University C-8M and T202).

My question is whether to use a single series capacitor for the tweeter and leave the mid-range uncrossovered; or to use the single series capacitor for the tweeter and a single series inductor for the mid-range. What difference will excluding the inductor make?

(probably: phase, peak in response at crossover point)


2007-12-13 9:48 pm
davidbosch Phase driver can change when the frequency change. it wants to use a measurement. i think the problem of your design is about break up cone. in the past i found the morduntshort ms 12(no xo for bass/midrange). but it didnot good. the transient was well but the sound had not soft davidbosch if your driver have the performance. you can try.

now i keep the links to you