1kHz bandpass filter for azimuth adj?

Howdy, I would like to adjust the head on a Marantz 5030 deck I got. I am going to make a 10kHz tape on another deck (Pioneer CT-F1250 that sounds perfect) with my newly acquired HP 8903B. The setup calls for a 1kHz bandpass filter to do it. Could I just route the output into the 8903 and watch the voltage there? Never did this before so any input, feel free.


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2007-09-15 8:14 am
You don't need anything fancy to set the azimuth. Simply monitor the audio output (of your 10kHz tape) and tweak for maximum level of both channels.

And do a reality check. Record some music (with good hf content) on the reference deck and then play this on the deck to be adjusted. Using headphones carefully set the azimuth for best hf content in the replay. Check the setting by using your 10kHz tape and you'll find it pretty much identical.

All the filter does is take noise out of the replayed signal which make it easier to see and also easier for the scope to trigger on. Unless the parts in the filter are identical L vs R then that alone could cause you to set the azimuth incorrectly.