17 driver dual line array TL 2way 6DB XO


2005-08-07 7:51 pm
Well here’s the plan, 10NAB’s , 6 3/8 Onkyo .25 Tweeters, 1 8” Woofer. 72” TL using 16” wide 48 “ long Sonotube and 4” PVC pipe. I also going to use a 2way 6 DB XO at about 4.5 K Here’s the rough plan. What Do you think.


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This design likely will not hunt. I assume that you are thinking of a three way crossover between the transmission line driver , the mids and the tweeters. You'll likely have sensitivities differences between the various drivers, not enough tweeters are being used, the tweeters spacing is too far apart, the horizontal mids will have nulls off axis because of their spacing (need to be a single line of mids), the mid to tweeter crossover frequency is too high, and the crossover slope is too low. Other than these things, a nice picture.

Please read my white paper and make improvements.