15uf signal path capacitors for BOSOZ

bypass or not

i made good experiences with bypass capacitors. though i bypassed Mundorf MCap tin foil with ero1832`s and nos styroflex`s and valvo tubes!! yes tubes, which have vacuum as dielectrics and the sound got warmer and more-detailed.

Some say that one should use pure high grade-caps without bypass capacitors.

But who can afford 40uF in Jensen paper in oil caps for BOSOZ)???!!!!

What kind of experiences with capacitors in signal path or psu did you make?


You don't have to use that high values in BOSOZ. In some cases 2uF is enough and 10uF is plenty. Sometimes bypassing larger caps with small ones makes improvement, sometimes makes it worse. It all depends on type of a cap you use. I made experiments with 0.1uF bypass in crossovers and in some places MIT RTX sounded better, in other places Hovland musicaps. Hovland to my ears seem to increase the feeling of air and space, RTX sound very sterile and Jensen polystyrene I tried were very mellow and dry. On the other hand in my DAC MIT RTX sounded the best as the input coupling caps. Some people say that it's better to avoid capacitors at all, but after all those ties I might suspect that sometimes they can improve the tonal balance of a system.