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15" Volt Radials R3803 £60 each, Seas DXT waveguide tweeters, 500VA Toroids

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Hey chaps.

I'm a sucker for drivers and bought these on impulse and very shortly afterwards realised that I had no pressing need that would be suited. Ah well, I got to look at 'em anyway :D

I bought them off ebay and got a real bargain at £60 each. These drivers are around £250 new. I'm not looking to profit from this so will ask a straight £60 + postage.

Condition is good overall, some spot marks on the the baskets(see photos) but apart from this cosmetic issue the rest is good.

I don't have T/S specs unfortunately. I've emailed Volt who might reply with the goods. If not then you'll need to measure the drivers yourself or get someone to do it for you. Knowing Volt you will need a vented cabinet of some description for best results. Might work well as OB bass/mids.

Edit: Received reply back from Volt confirming TS specs are identical to the 3813(see post #13 for more details):


I do know these are described as pro-audio/studio drivers with a high 99dB sensitivity and intended for bass/low mid duty. I've had a couple of the 15" RV3863 Radial subs in the past and the quality is spot on, these will be the same but intended to work higher, harder and louder.





Seas 27TBCD/GB-DXT Tweeters (pair of)

Bought a couple of weeks ago so these are as new and never mounted. I tested to make sure they worked and had a quick play around but that's it. I've had a change of heart so these aren't needed now.

Datasheet here: http://www.seas.no/images/stories/prestige/pdfdatasheet/h1499_27tbcd_gb-dxt_datasheet.pdf

Take a look in John Krutke/Zaph Audio recent blog entry for tests and comments on the DXT: http://www.zaphaudio.com/blog.html Check out the harmonic distortion once the waveguide loading is equalised flat with a basic filter - very nice!

£60 for the pair now sold




Toroids 500VA 2x45v secondary, 230v primary

Unused with clean and long lead outs. Includes mounting hardware. Bought from Farnell late last year.

£14 each + postage. Will post only within UK. Sold


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OK got a reply from the guys at Volt:

Response from Volt:

The R3803 is a slightly earlier version of the R3813. The only difference is that the 3813 was capable of slightly greater excursion. Please use the spec. given for the R3813.
Kind regards
David Lyth
Volt Loudspeakers Ltd.
Tel: +44 (0)20 8573 4260
Fax: +44 (0)20 8813 7551

My original mail to Volt:


I recently picked up a pair of Volt R3803 drivers but can't find any thiel/small parameter nor any specifications or data sheets on your website. I'm hoping you still have those in archives somewhere and would greatly appreciate it if you could pass that data on.


So here's the TS/specs:

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Re: Volts

Grumpy_Git said:

Are those Volts still available, how much for a well packed parcel down to london if they are.



They're in two separate packages and each is double boxed, so quite well packed. Unfortunately they're both big and heavy so this means shipping won't be a few quid.

Here's the quote I got:

£120 for the drivers + £30 shipping with insurance sent via DHL.
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