15" replacement. Which specs matter?

Hi Guys, I need to replace a EC1560F 15" speaker in a bass cab. I found a spec sheet (attached) with the numbers for this speaker, but I really don't know which ones are important and which ones can be fudged a bit.

I found a few 15" drivers on Parts Express (of course) but that's the limit of my ability. Could anyone shed light on the the specs and even a recommendation and why would be helpful. Thank you!



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Would assume it is a typical volume for a bass cabinet

3 to 4 cubic feet.
So there is multiple 15" which would work.

Far as good sensitivity and something with more
linear excursion / xmax
The 3015 neo from eminence tends to work out well.

looking at the factory driver seems like there is also recone
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I had the Celestion 12" version of the Pulse bass driver in a reflex cab that I tried using with an Ampeg amp...I was not impressed, it sits in a box on a shelf now. I now have two Ampeg OEM 10" Eminence drivers in a custom built reflex cab, and they sound great. Between those two, definitely the Eminence.

bp1525 more for sealed box.
specs seem better than I remember.
was not so great when first came out.
muddy low sensitivity

Actually pulse has had claimed ok results
never actually heard one.

Its been compared to the Eminence legend CB158
which I have heard. And usually work well with
different boxes.
Pulse and the 158 do good sealed or ported.
Both known to be little dark.

Actually a good buy for affordable use to be
the Deltalite11 2515

Very good buy if you can find it was
the cast frame eminence special design driver
for SVT-15E

Ampeg 86-511-08

Another good factory driver was GK
special design Neo driver for MBE series.

looks like full compass still has it
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