15" and OHP project questions

15" and OHP project questions

I ahve just spent the last 6 hours looking through teh archives and I haven't come across an answer yet, so I thought I'd ask it:

1) I want to make a OHP DIY projector. The OHP is have has a 10.5" x 10.5" staging area. So the 15" monitors I see are 12" x 9". How is that solved. I will be using a HTPC I plan on building for the source?

2) I would like to se this projector for my Xbox as well. I have seen adapters that go from Xbox --> Vga and that seems fine and dandy, but what about the screen cut off?

3) I'm eyeing several different LCD's. What is an acceptable refresh rate fro gaming? 25ms...20ms?? Can I get away with 30ms on the big screen?
some ideas

1. 12" by 9" LCD on a 10.5" by 10.5 inch stage?

You could gut the OHP for the light engine and projection lens assembly. Put it all in a box with some bigger fresnels and you will see the whole LCD. Otherwise you are just stuck with 3/4" cut off at each side, which is not as bad as you think: Regular TVs overscan by about that much, so they never put anything important in that part of a TV image. Not so great for windows or gaming, though!

part 2: If you are going to run it from an HTPC, then maybe you don't care about TV input. You could start with a cheap laptop with a 12-14" LCD. Strip the LCD for projection on the unmodified OHP, but keep it attached to the laptop. Run your games & DVDs right on the laptop screen.