15" Projector (Projector #3 by Nick)


2004-09-27 11:26 am
Well after my first 2 projectors failed, well the 2nd works but lcd broke, then i fixed it and didnt want to put it back in projector.

So time for the 15" route :smash:

Please bare with the text as i post on many forums and tend to just copy it across :) lol

So then I will start with fan controllers, everyone must have seen the zalman fan mate, with its vairable controller. I have brought the components to make 5 of these to control the fans.

The fans i have now (dont know if i will be using them all):

4x 120mm ebuyer fans
8x 92mm ebuyer fans
5x 80mm ebuyer fans

Should be enouth to cool my projector nice and quietly

Theres around £15 worth of fans there i would say.

I won some thin aluminium off ebay for £20.50 delivered which will be used to line the wood around the light up to the rear fresnel lens, this will all be sprayed black which is heatproof (more on this when i get round to it)

As for the general presentation of my projector I plan on celing mounting it and painting it white so it blends (yea right) into the celing, so i ordered 6x drop down lights (the ones that fit into celing) to mount 2 or 4 on the diagnal sides of the projector and maybe 2 or 4 over seating
So I am going to have a nice home cinema

I want a 4:3 LCD 15" so i have been thinking of the benq fp567 v2 which quin used and the results are very impressive and 16ms refresh which will be good for gaming and xbox etc
Seen the LCD for £100 on ebay so I might go for that but nothing on that is 100% yet

Ordered some fresnel lenss from www.lumenlab.com and they cost £35
I already have there object lens so that saves me $30 or what ever it is on there site

I will be using my 400w bulb as its nice and bright

Now the ballast (transformer type thing) generates alot of heat and is quite noisy, i dont want to splash out on a electronic one so i need some ideas, what about mounting it on rubber? for heat i will make some kind of heatsink with the aluminium i have ordered

Need options on the noise of the ballast as its quite anoying, not very loud but noticable./

Now to find a lcd, order wood, yes wood cant aford 100% alu, and brackets and paint then i think i have everything but a kvm switch

Next day:

Well another day has passed and I couldnt let it go by without spending some money. So today I have ordered some stuff which should be useful

3x Flat aluminium 20mm x 1.5mm x 1m - £9.45
4x 5mm Threaded Rod 1m - £3.92
A bag of 100 5mm hax nuts for the threaded rod, but i already had 100 of the bolts so now i have 200! Dont think they will be used somehow - £1.92
8x Right angled brackets for holding the wooden frame together, i almost decided on a aluminium frame but that would have been another £20 - £3.84
2x Aluminium vents - £7.96 :| would have got maybe 2 more but at that price I didnt want to.

So thats around £27 spent.

I also ordered a dremel off ebay for £13.50 + £8 pp hope its good as i need to cut the fresnels down to the right size.



My Maplin order came through today:

1x AC Euro Plug
1x Lead free solder
5x Min pot Lin 1k
10x MF Risistor 680
10x 2 way vertical t block
5x 7805 transistor
1x red rocker for light
1x normal for all power

I ordered some 15pin plugs thinking they were vga type ones, but there standard 15 pin plugs! so i have to order some more now Need to order some knobs anyway for the fresnel adjustment so no worries


Fan controller finished without heatsinks (will add them when i get the metal)


Now i have got this far, i need lcd, wood, paint

My plan is to make a IR remote to turn the projector on off and control the lcd but this will take some time

More on this later :)


2004-09-27 11:26 am
Big update

The lights to use for seat lighting


Fresnel's from lumenlab


Aluminium for lining the wood around the light box


Frame part 1


They duplicated :p


Whole frame and its HUGE :bigeyes:


Light mounted on rear panel


Bolts for adjusting the light box distance


Hole for the object lens bit


Mounting bits for object lens


Poor fit of the object lens holder in the front frame


Now a box which will move back and forth


Inside the box, its all held with glue


Quick shot of how it will look (ex paint)


All for now maybe more later :D


2004-09-27 11:26 am
oooooo forgot to update here :smash:

Damage done by light in 5" projector (well not damage but its just made the label go brown


Poor attempt to make a sheild for it


Put on fan hmm great :bawling:


Lens frame


From the back (bit of a mess but it works :p)


Hardcore glue work


Did some work on the corner and didnt do a very good job but i will work on it when i got all side panels done


MEtal for the front fresnel


Bodge!!! didnt need 1 of the holes :(



2004-09-27 11:26 am
New support beams to .. look at further pics




Thats the idea of them


All in place (well whats done to this point)


Aluminium heat sheild


Next to the light


Back panel of inside with heat sheild


This is for the bin :p


Painted heat sheild (well heat proof spray paint)


Side panel heat sheild with 120mm fan hole for the cooling


And look what came today :D


benq fp567s v2 :D no dead pixels and its great

Thats all for now should have more tomorow


2004-09-27 11:26 am
Loki047: I have my light box built already as i am using the one from my last projector, and to mount it i put 4 bolts through the back panel of the wood, if i want to adjust it i have to turn it off, move the bolts and tighten them not the best way but i cant think of a other way

ancorp: Thanks :) should be some updates later
Another update:

LCD Frame with no supports just the threaded rod for adjusting it


The back of the box (not i have only sprayed the metal and some of the frame work the mdf is still in progress thats why its white ;)


As i had a problem with the original front fresnel mount i had to extend the existing one's


In place and its out! and it overlaps so this needs work still



I am researching into making a ir decoder for the projector so i can turn it on off etc and control the lcd :D


2004-09-27 11:26 am
Well another update, i mainly update on another forum as i post more there.

LCD Frame in place


Remote i plan on using for this pj


Stripping lcd





2004-09-27 11:26 am
Bolts for moving frames


Old lens mount system




Test image using phone light and its about 1m away its ok i supose


Air flow over light area


Old 7" pj vs 15"



2004-09-27 11:26 am
New fresnel mounts


Some nice shoes


Soul for the ballast mounting





All frames in place



2004-09-27 11:26 am
Cooling holes


Front side


Back side


Fans in place


Had to alter heat shild so 120mm fan would fit


All in place



2004-09-27 11:26 am
Well time for another update :)

I havent had much time to work on the projector recently so havent got much done

I made it around 11 - 12cm to long :eek: so i cut 11.5cm off

Here is the table i made :cannotbe:


The new sized box which is shorter really hope to have this thing going by this friday!