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130W mini ITX ATX Power DC-DC converter (like PicoPSU)

130W mini ITX ATX Power DC-DC converter RoHS and a very nice Lite-On power supply. all unused for a project that never materialized. Pics on request.

$50 shipped CONUS

"High quality and high efficiency ATX power supply excellent for HTPC or normal PC up to 130W it also can be used for any other application as a normal DC-DC power converter since it does not need a minimum load.
This is a real 130W power supply and it will work 24/7 at the rated output is designed for industrial automation or medical use and is excellent quality see the photos .

You get the power supply module and ATX 20p cable as you can see in the last photo.(It will work on 24 pin MB)
All photo are from the actual power supply I have more you will receive an identical one new in the box.

Tests done on my computer with my old 275W ATX power supply an this new one that I have listed on ebay.
Computer status Old 275W SFF ATX [Watt] New DD-24AX V220-2 + 180W 24V AC adapter [Watt]
*BIOS 42 34.2
**Idle 39.6 31.2
***100% all 4 cores 54 46.8
Test computer components:
MB Gigabyte GA-EG31M-S2
CPU Q8400S (65W TDP) underclocked @ 2GHz and undervolt to 0.925 V
PCI-E DVI adapter Silicon Image
RAM 4GB (2x2GB OCZ2G8004GK)
SSD 32GB Samsung MCBQE32G5MPP-0VA (max 0.42W)
80mm 7V Fan
Multi card reader
All power measured at wall AC 120V the monitor is not included
* Power consumption when in BIOS
** Idle power in Ubuntu 9.04 (Linux)
*** 100% on all 4 cores using Blender 3D to render a scene using 8 threads

This power supply are made by WinMate in Taiwan see: Winmate Communication INC --Industrial LCD Display, Panel pc, industrial pc, Digital Signage, Marine LCD,HMI & rugged tablet pc, Rugged pc, panel mount PC & LCD, rugged mobile pc

FCC report: Link (older model green PCB I also have that one for sale see my other items )

Spec: Link (older model green PCB I also have that one for sale see my other items )
High efficiency DC-DC Power Supply
Output over-current protection
DC soft start function, low inrush current
Short circuit protection
RoHS Compliant. (Lead free)
No minimum load required"