12v Boombox, need help :)


2012-08-07 2:34 pm
Hi DIY-guys/girls

Not sure if this is the right place to place this thread, but here it goes...

A buddy and me are trying to figure out how to build a portable 12v (battery) boombox.
We are more or less sure how to build the box itself, but are not quite sure about what speakers/amp to choose.

We have these two amplifiers: Wholesale Kinter MA 160 12V MINI Power Car Computer Amplifier USB Charging Port Best AK14 GOLR, Free shipping, $64.37-81.51/Piece | DHgate
Tripath TA2020 PCB 25Watt Class T Audio Amplifier Board | eBay
And are not sure which would give the best result when setting up this system.

We want the system to consist of two bass speakers and two piezo horns.

Currently we are considering these two piezo horns and are not sure which ones to choose:
| IMG Stage Line 110500 |Piezohorn MPT-025 Hjttaler-enheder Piezo Diskanter (Monacor MPT-025 )
| SkyTec 900.207 |Piezohorn 188 x 80mm Hjttaler-enheder Piezo Diskanter (Skytec ‘something’)

And for the bass units we are considering these two:
| Monacor 103980 |8'' hjttaler SP-202E Hjttaler-enheder Bass-enheder 8" Bass / 4 ohm (8“ Monacor SP-202E)
| Monacor 103990 |10'' hjttaler SP-252E Hjttaler-enheder Bass-enheder 10" Bass / 4 ohm (10” Monacor SP-252E)

And on top of not knowing which to choose from when considering speaker units, we are really novices when talking about electrical circuits – and have no idea if we need to have a crossover unit (or coil) in the box in order for the speakers to perform at their best?

We are hoping some of you DIY experts would take the time to help us decide which way to go, so we can enjoy our portable boombox all summer :)