12ax7 input impedance, or whats sucking my low end?

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What would the input impedance be for a 12ax7 stage with bypassed cathode?
Or, whats sucking all the bottom end from my turntable??
My phono stage is a technics 1200 and a john broskie tetra phono stage with 12ax7. Something is definatly missing. Other sources just have more bottom end.
I am wondering if i am missing something in the load that the cart see's (ortofon 2m red). I realize there is nothing hi end here but really, its been a bit disapointing. My golden eared girlfriend concurs.
did you forego the bypass capacitors?

They add a lot of bass nominally. You might also tell us "did you use the 1 uF output cap" or not... and what kind of amplifer is it driving. Here's why: if the impedance of the downwind amplifier is on the low side, a 1 uF cap might not be enough to get the bass across.

Just saying

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Do you have a sound card in your pc or laptop? Try installing audio rightmark or similar if you do and figure out whether or not the sound card can do reasonably accurate measurements from 20Hz - 20kHz in loopback mode (external cable most likely.)

Another option would be if you have a scope, and reasonably good function generator or audio generator.
loose tonearm bearings or tonearm is arzz up. check to make sure that there is no play in the tonearm bearings by giving it a wiggle and that the arm tube is parallel to the record surface e.g. the gap between the arm tube and the record is the same all along.
I reckon that i have it in hand. Very hard to get my Cart parallel to the vinyl. I have achieved this!!!! Vinyl sounds "live" again. (heard bad live music last night, :()
Now i have to get rid of the floppy bass that i have induced making up for wrong set up of cart.
Good thing this is DIY, if i had money i bet all kinds of snake oil would been an attractive
option. platter mats, connects, etc
Many thanks for listening to me talking out loud
The Moral Of This Story
My problem was one of mechanics!
I get sidetracked with input impedance, output capacitors, moving coils dipped in honey........
A couple millimetres, a fraction off a millimetere..

I could spent a lot of money, new arm, new whatever but its was all here, just missed small thing. BTW i have been doing this for six years.
So put your wallet away, my "basic" system sounds AMAZING
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