12" sealed 2 way

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12" sealed 2 way

I am wanting to build a 2way speaker for listening to Grateful Dead shows (i.e. wide variation in recording quality mostly sound board recordings,) but also listening to movies, etc. I am thinking a higher end 12" woofer with good midrange response but capable of handling low frequencies. Will be used in a smaller room 15 x 20. I prefer sealed enclosures. Size isn't too important and I actually am leaning towards a mid tower design. I also prefer a warmer sound sound super high frequencies aren't as important. I actually was looking at using a midrange/tweeter horn driver. Side note anyone have luck building a wooden horn? Would I still want a high freq driver for cymbal crashes and such?
Audio Kinesis two-way kit

Here is a possible option for you to consider. Duke is in the design and prototyping stage of this 94db 1W/1M 8 ohm kit.
I think he is shooting for late April as a time frame as deciding to offer the kit or not. To my understanding, if all goes well. He will be displaying a finished speaker at Lone Star Audio Festival in Dallas the first weekend of May, 08.
If this concept does not thrill you. I know Duke offers finished speakers that follow your desired design criteria. Possibly he could be pursuaded to sell a kit of his monopole speakers without cabinets.
Give him a shout and see if he has something for you?
I have heard his bipole speaker at RMAF, and it is truely musical, coherent and balanced in its sound chartacter.


Good luck in your search.

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Like this one ?


Its true that such big drivers are not suited fore the highest standards of hifi
But if listening to blues/rock solely such design may actually do better than many highly rated hifi speakers ;)

Maybe a toneTubby 12" Alnico with one of the bigger HIVI planars might do it...its probably best fore OB but might work in a BIG closed box too

Or these may be worth a try


There are 10" and 12" woofer with frequency response from 30 to 4000hz, though 2,000 to 3,000 is more common. Combine that with a full/mid range and you have frequency response from 30 to about 20,000hz

Here is a shielded 3" cone mid/full range-

Since it has response down to 100hz, you can couple it with any common bass speaker/woofer either with self-made crossovers or off-the-shelf crossovers.

I don't think you will find anything in a standard tweeter (cone, dome, or horn) that is going to be adequate for your needs. But a mid/high range or full range speaker might make an effective tweeter in a system like this.

Probably the most important thing is to have some idea of your budget. How much money were you planning to spend? Woofers can be any where in the range of $10 to $250.

Also, consider using Piezo tweeters, they are dirt cheap and reasonably easy to couple to the circuit; a simple capacitor and a resistor or two, and you've got it.

Consider this discussion for how to use Piezo Tweeters in a system -


Be sure to read it all the way to the end.

Grateful Dead

I'm a deadhead too, May I suggest, Having a sub at the rear of your room (for the Hil bombs) And building a very nive set of 2 ways for your front speakers. Something like the Murhyblaster Usher 2 ways. Would diffently get the job done. I have a ll the parts and have built several systems for folks.

mark melheim
Godzilla said:
Why not pair one of the newer Eminence Hemp cones to a compression tweeter? I have been thinking about this too.


I actually posted another thread about using eminence guitar drivers. To me a newborn newbie it looks like a good idea on paper but what do I know. I was looking at the legend but the hemp drivers look good as well. I just not sure they would be refined enough when playing quiet parts, or picking up some of the finer detail you get in a good recording.
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