$1000 for car audio setup


2001-12-27 4:01 am
ok, ive got around $1000USD ($2000AUD) to spend on a new hi fi. Needs are at least a single cd, preferable of 6cd stacker, id like one sub, high SPL is NOT necessary (by high i mean earth shattering, loud is good, but not really loud),

im open to suggestions on how to best spend the money.
Your lucky to have so much money for that. Anyways
I would suggest you this configuration.

1 cd player(!!!preamp only!!!)
This wouls be wired to an external amplifier with four output. Each of them will be send to the main speaker.

Also if the preamp you get got a sub out use it to drive another amp going to the sub.

The thing for not using those 50wx4 and cd combo is that they make an horrible sound.(and for most of them they say 50wx4 but in reality it's 22w.)

For the speaker if you want good performance use good brand name and stay away for those weird deal and anything in metal.

Also you don'T need those power suplie stiffening capacitor. They cost an arm and don't change performance enough.

Finaly for the brand it's for you to decid depending on your liking and availability.
I doubt it with the Focals. Even their two way combos are expensive as heck :)

As for the CD deck, I know Clarion and JVC make some nice units. I think the Sony's sound terrible, ditto for Jensen and Pioneer. I've heard some nice Blaupunkts, Kenwoods, and Alpines too. As for the sub, how about the Shiva or Titanic? :)

Oh, and it would be nice to find a preamp with built in adjustable EQ
car speakers

I got some focal two ways from zalytron using 6.5" treated paper midbass and 1" inverted Kevlar dome for $129 set. You have build the high pass filters yourself and the mid runs wide open. But for the money not bad and beats the heck out of there finished stuff and dealer prices.