100 dB mid

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Guess most people prefer a 4" or 5" for a mid in a 3-way but howabout this baby>


Interesting specs (if true)
Fairly flat freq, only 55 euro's.
Crossed at 2000 beaming wouldn't be to bad (?)

100dB! Hello metal and orchestral.
Maybe a 3-way OB.
Finding a matching woofer won't be easy though.

Does anyone know of a project with it?
Or one with a similar driver?
Right, now all you have to do is find a 100db woofer and a 100db tweeter?

Many horn mids will come close to this range and have even higher outputs, but what good is that high output if you need to turn it down (L-Pad) to match the other speakers? And by the way, they can be had for about $20.

Still, it is a nice speaker.

This tweeter would be an ok match, 60 euro's>

>>>And by the way, they can be had for about $20<<<
Jeez, some one is getting rich, and it isn't me.
Americans are lucky.

>>>Better make that a 106dB woofer to cover for baffle step losses<<<
8 woofers 97dB each could do it :rolleyes:

>>>High sensitivity doesn't guarantee high max SPL. For all we know at 1 full watt of power that cone may go into severe breakup<<<
Damn logic is spoiling all the fun.
I guess an independent test is needed.

I wonder how can a 10 "speaker with a large magnet be sold at $20.

Well, define 'large magnet'? Certainly 10" woofers can be had for less than US$30. In fact, Parts Express has 7 of them for less than $30, and an additional two for $32.

Personally, I wonder how a 10" speaker can justifiably be sold for $212.85 with what appears to be a small magnet...


But I wonder if you were referring to my statement -

And by the way, they can be had for about $20.

which was referring to mid-horns for $20, as in -

4" x 10" Horn Midrange = $18.24 each

* Frequency response: 500-11,000 Hz.
* Sensitivity: 104 dB 1W/1m.

The original poster was referring to the Mid characteristics of the Monacor speaker and its high sensitivity, and I responded with a mid of better sensitivity, though in hindsight, I see he was referring to Mid/Bass and not just to Mid alone. My mistake.

The Monacor speaker in question does seem pretty stable up to about 4khz and still usable at 5k where it starts to natually roll-off. The upper end break-up peak is well above 10khz at about 12khz or 13khz. So, that a 2khz crossover would be more than adequate, though with planning it could easily go as high as 3khz which is very unusual for woofer this large. At least, that's how it seems to me.

If I remember my physics of acoustics correctly, at equal measure volume or SPL, the high frequencies will sound louder when compared to low. It is one of those psycho-acoustic factors that can fool you.

Also raw sensitivity or SPL numbers don't tell you everything. Assorted factors come into play when you put said rated speaker into a cabinet.

Just a thought.

tinitus said:
A driver with a genuine 105db SPL fore sure wont play much bass at all...high Fs and short Xmax
100db would be realistic fore a genuine 12" midrange, and still low on bass

tinitus said:
This might be a nice 100db midrange...12" :confused:


As to the Celestion, there are some new interesting cast frame neo drivers, not very efficient though, but 95db is fair too


But thats alright - You wouldnt want your driver producing both the critical midrange AND the low bass.A seperate sub fits right in with these low Qts high sens drivers.

Yes PD has a good reputation in the UK.

Note that alot of guys who were young when the altecs etc came out - still prefer the sound.Something about the curvilinear cones etc.
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