10 inch subwoofer help


2013-03-25 6:51 pm
hi,after my tower speaker build im looking to build t-line box for a 10 inch subwoofer and have few questions

So i have a woofer of logitech z5500 but just wondering if there is any other cheap but in high sensitivity subwoofers and what would u recommend

2nd ive a woofer,but ive no info or details about it so its really hard to calculate anything at all.and make a box without calculation its waste of money and time

Basically ive 48'' tall towers and was looking to make 48'' tall subwoofer T line box maybe in 12;; width and depth so it should look smart and nice,but without subwoofer info cant really do much.,then i decided to buy something if it comes up available(cheap)

Thanks for opinions Chaps!